What I Made #4

IMG_1420IMG_1418Dear Readers!

Another Installment if What I Made!! This Makes #4 in just a few days!! I have been in a knitting and crocheting streak lately!!! This makes Present #6 for my Mom! She will be so thrilled!!!

I might have said in the last What I Made article that the pink crocheted eyeglass case was my favorite so far but now I know this one is!!! It just makes me so happy just to look at it haha.

This is mostly knit but it has some crochet too. I used 2 small white buttons and a wooden toggle. The toggle was for the clasp and the buttons were for the 👀 eyes. I would have preferred black buttons but I didn’t have any small enough.(Have to go button shopping)

I did not have a pattern (again lol) but it turned out just how I wanted it!!! I used the Knitted Branch Cable Stitch for the owl! I could not find a pattern for an owl anywhere!!! I wanted just the owl part not a hat or scarf attached to it!!! I’m sure some of you have had the same problem so I will be adding a knit pattern of how to knit just an owl another time. So keep watching for that!!!!

So I used the garter stitch for most of it as it keeps the knitting nice and full instead of caving in when you use the stockinette stitch. The garter stitch kept it nice and full. I will be writing out this pattern so I don’t forget it and then I will share it with you!!!

Tell me what you think!!! And I will be making more of these to sell on Etsy or EBay!! Will add a link later!!!!

~Crafty Lady


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