What I Made !!! #3


Well here is another installment of what I have made. Hence another present for my mom. I love to make and give presents can you tell haha.

This is another eyeglass case, I don’t have a pattern for you because I made it up…….again. The last eyeglass case was knitted but this one is Crochet! I have noticed I receive more likes on Crochet than knit so for all you Crochet lady’s out there this is for you!!

Made with pink 3 ply baby Yarn. Crochet hook 6. I used the basketweave stitch which is very simple to use and works up fast. When I had reached my desired length and width I Crochet a single stitch all the way around the square to make it easier when I put it together. From the pictures you should be able to see how it was put together.

If you would be interested in buying one if these let me know . I will be selling them for $15.00 plus shipping on Etsy as soon as I make more! I will add the site address to my online store later on so keep your eyes open!!! I will be doing them in white,pink, and yellow and purple . Along with many other designs.

Please comment and let me know what you think about my shop, the patterns I’m listing, any suggestions you have for me will be very welcome! Plus if you are looking for a certain pattern and need help finding it let me know and I will help you as much as I can!!

~Crafty Lady


2 thoughts on “What I Made !!! #3

  1. I’ve only just discovered the basketweave stitch and have just started a scarf using it. It’s such a lovely stitch. The glasses case looks lovely and I’m sure with the thickness of the stitch they will be well protected!


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