What I made!!! #2

IMG_0252.JPGIMG_0251Hello Dear Readers!!!

Well here I am again showing you another item I have made. This is again something for my moms birthday. I did not have a pattern for this I just made it up. I like figuring my own knitting patterns and writing them down.

So here it is yay! This time a made an eyeglass case! So pretty! I didn’t get the sides exactly the way I wanted so I’ll have to work on that one . I’m thinking of making all kinds of knitted or crocheted eyeglass cases and trying to sell them on Etsy. If you don’t know what Etsy is it’s a site where you can sell projects you have made yourself or antiques. It’s like Ebay only in some ways even better!

For this eyeglass case I used the large woven braid knit stitch. My next one I will be crocheting a basketweave stitch. To crochet the basketweave on smaller items is easier than trying to knit the basketweave….trust me haha. The next one will be done in 3 ply pink yarn and when I’m done with it I will again show you a picture.

If you think making these to sell online (Etsy, Ebay) is a good idea, please let me know. If you have suggestions or comments and if you think this is something you would buy yourself for around $15.00

So there you go and until next time!

~ Crafty Lady

P.S. It also makes a great iPhone case!



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