I’m Coming Yarn Store!!!!!!!

I believe everyone who knits or crochets can always safely say “I need more Yarn!” Now you may only have a few skeins or you may have boxes full ( that’s me hahah) but you will always need more, want more, crave more!!!

Each project you embark upon calls for a different color Yarn, Yarn type, amount of skeins, thread count and so on! Yesterday I Knit a callilily flower and I needed white ,green and a darker yellow. Well everyone who uses yarn always has plenty of white!and I have plenty of green but a dark mustard yellow is rather hard to come by in your normal stash! But I went searching high and low ( my room,my craft room, and the attic ) and I finally found some! It was in the attic!( don’t judge me lol).

So I was very happy ……..and then I saw it! A whole box of yarn I had totally forgotten about!!!!!! That’s when I danced a little happy dance ( I even hugged a few skeins). Light yellow, pink, blue, green, beige…………however , the yellow is the sparkly kind!!!! Nnnnnnooooooo!!!! I wanted to make daffodils but you can’t make a sparkly daffodil 🌼 it simply won’t do!

Now then, after I have filled you all in on my yarn adventures, it is with a full and happy heart that I hear the yarn store calling my name!!!!! So off I go on my next yarn adventure!

~Crafty Lady


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