Clematis Crochet Flower

Petal (make 6)
Using A, cast on 8 sts.
1st row (RS) K2tog, k4, kfb, k1.
2nd row K.
Repeat 1st and 2nd rows 3 times, then work 1st row again.
Bind off knitwise.
Using B, cast on 12 sts.
1st row (RS) Make a loop on each st: k1 but do not slip st from needle; bring yarn over between needles, take it clockwise around left thumb and back between needles; k st on left-hand needle again, slipping it off in the usual way; on right-hand needle slip 2nd st over st just made.
Bind off, working k2tog across the row.
Leaving the center open, join petals to halfway along inner edges. Pinch a tuck at the inner corner of each petal and stitch. Join ends of center to make a ring and stitch it closed. Set center on petals.




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