What I’m Knitting Cont.

IMG_1266Dear Readers,

Well here it is my finished dishcloth and it was so easy it only took me 2 days! 82 rows really isn’t that much when you get your rhythm going.

I have attached a picture but I hope you can make out what it says! I even had a hard time making it out sometimes haha. I made the mistake of using a lighter yarn instead of a darker one which would have made the design just pop! Needless to say I won’t make that mistake again! But we all learn from our mistakes, don’t we?

So here it is and if you want the pattern let me know! And please don’t be shy! Tell me what you think!

~Crafty Lady

P.S. It’s in my bathtub because when your done your suppose to wet it and let it dry flat because the design pops out more…..I hope it works!!!!😄☺️


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