My First Cross Stitch Sampler

This is my very first cross stitch sampler that I made for my moms birthday in 2016. Well now it’s 2017 and her birthday is coming up fast on April 21!

Making my moms birthday has always been very special to me and I try to top the present I’ve given her the year before……but I think this time I’m over my head!!

The cross stitch pattern is a painting by Arthur Claude Strachan and it’s not just a simple sampler! It’s a full picture in Cross Stitch!!!!!! Sometimes I honestly feel like chucking it across the room!!!! But I restrain myself knowing that when it’s done (and I will praise the day when it is!) my Mom will love and cherish it.

So last night I figured how I’m going to finish this in time for her birthday. I don’t think it’s possible! Anyway…..I started at the top of the painting and am working across it in rows. Each row has 140 stitches and it’s takes quite a long time to do but I have to do 9 rows of 140 stitches every day to have it complete in time!!!! I’m mentally screaming inside my head right now!

So far I only have 16 rows done and it’s a challenge just to get 3 rows done a day because then my eyes start hurting as all you crafty people can sympathize with haha.

I will be posting my progress along the way of how it’s going ……don’t get your hopes too high haha.

~Crafty Lady


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